POI Loader

POI Loader 2.7

Adds and manages points of interest in Garmin devices
The utility uploads personalized points of interest to the GPS devices. It works with the Garmin products, connects them to a personal computer and accesses the relevant folder. The suite also updates map data such as restaurants and landmarks and integrates new elements without a manual assignment.

POI Loader is a program that helps you to load some extra information into Garmin GPS devices or storage cards. The program provides you with the easiest way to update your GPS devices. POI Loader lets you retrieve the waypoints data and install them on your device. It can be any information you need, for example, about new places, hotels, buildings, offices, restaurants, supermarkets and so on, including the stop signs or speed limitation zones. The custom objects can contain audio files and adjustable images. These custom objects are placed on the maps and supplement the existing ones. There are some web sites that contain such POI information, where you can download it for free (you can find them on the Garmin web site). These data are saved in .gpx or .csv formats. It is possible both to download these files from the Internet and to create your own, for example, to avoid roads you may not wish to travel. Moreover, you can create TourGuide files and include their MP3 files with objects’ information that start to play when you pass these objects. There are two loadable modes: quick and manual for advanced users.

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